Survival of the Sexiest: Frogs, monogamy, and bi-parental care

Survival of the Sexiest: Frogs, monogamy, and bi-parental care.


Survival of the Sexiest: Homosexual behavior in animals

Evolution Happens

Almost every form of animal behavior tends to be anthropomorphized in one way or another, particularly when it is discussed outside of scientific circles. While relating the world around us to our own experiences may help us identify with the ways in which animals interact, it rarely helps us understand the true nature of their behavior to the extent that we might expect. Ironically, the animal behaviors that seem most similar to those of humans could very well be the ones most misunderstood when we try to draw connections between the two. This leaves scientists in a difficult position when we try to communicate our findings to the general public: On one hand, it can be very effective to talk about animals as if they are people, in order to both stir up interest and to get potentially difficult concepts across to those who aren’t familiar with scientific jargon. But…

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